Where Carmel Township Residents Recycle!!!!

Charlotte Area Recycling Authority (CARA)
Makes a Difference!

Paper  Glass   Metal     Plastic

A weekly recycling service for Carmel Township Residents at
 201 Hall Street, Charlotte, Michigan

Saturday - 8:30 am to Noon

Tuesday - 10:00 am to Noon

Tuesday - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Closed if extreme weather conditions exist or if a major Holiday falls on a scheduled work day. Also, closed on Frontier Day's weekend.

For more information or to volunteer call
(517) 213-1266
Donations will help ensure the continuation of this project!

Items Recycled

Metal Aluminum foil, cans, siding, windows, doors, pots, pans, eave troughs, extrusions. Keep separate from other metals
        DOES NOT ATTRACT MAGNET. Remove any glass or plastic.
Metal - Iron & Steel, tin cans, most scrap metals. Keep separate from other metals. Attracts Magnet.
Metal - Brass, copper, zinc, lead. Keep separate from other metals.
Metal - Appliances and any other large items. Keep separate from other metals, capture Freon.
Newspaper - Anything that comes in the daily or weekly papers. Brown bagged or string tied.
Office Paper - Clear white paper, envelopes, whole or shred. No highly colored paper; light pastels are OK. Remove any plastic.
Phone Books  -Any phone book with glued binding. Place in same trailer as newspapers.
Hard & Soft covered Books - It is not necessary to remove cover or bindings Box in small barn on west side of parking lot
Miscellaneous Paper - All junk mail, white or colored paper. Any paper that does not qualify as office paper or magazines. 
Glossy Magazines Glossy catalogs - Stapled or glued bindings Separate from other papers.
Boxboard - Flat board (no corrugation), food containers, paper towel and bath tissue tubes, Mache egg cartons Break down any boxes.
Corrugated Cardboard - Corrugated cardboard only No wax coated; tape and staples OK. Break down boxes and large pieces.
Clear Glass - Clear food and beverage glass only Keep separate from other glass. No tableware, crystal, window glass, light bulbs,
         baking dishes.Remove caps & corks.
Colored Glass - Any colored food and beverage, clear or colored cookware, tableware, decorative, mirrors Keep separate from clear food
         and beverage glass. No automotive windshields or light bulbs.
PETE #1 - Clear & blue tint water bottles, juice, other food containers with star pattern on bottom Remove all screw on caps and rings
         before coming to recycling center.
HDPE #2 Natural - Milk jugs, etc. Any other natural #1 with seam on bottom. Rinse clean, remove caps and rings, and flatten. Remove all
         caps and rings before coming to the recycling center.
HDPE #2 Colored - Detergent containers etc. Any colored HDPE #2 with seam on bottom. Rinse clean, remove caps. Flatten if possible.
         No hydrocarbons or other hazardous materials.
Plastics #3 => #7 - CARA is accepting miscellaneous plastics 3-7 May be co-mingled
Vinyl Siding-(PVC #3) - Remove any nails, separate from flashing or any attached wood Do not bring PVC pipe or plastic fencing
Shopping Bags HDPE #2 and LDPE #4 - Grocery and shopping bags. Clean bags only. No food wrappers or garbage bags.
Screw on caps, Rings - Usually made of #5 (pp). Keep separate and bring to CARA.
Styrofoam #6 EPS - Packing foam, peanuts, egg cartons, cups, plate, bowls. No home insulation or bubble wrap.
Household batteries - A, AA ,AAA, C, D, 9-volt, rechargeable. No leaking Batteries.
Auto or Marine Batteries - 12 volt. No leaking Batteries.
Cell Phones - Phones, and all accessories. Remove all stored numbers.
Eye Glasses - Prescription, non prescription, sunglasses or reading glasses. No contacts or broken lens.
Ink or Toner Cartridges - Empty or surplus In bag or box.
Cooking Grease & Oil - Common food preparation grease and oil. No automotive oil and grease.
Other Sharps collection, mercury thermometer exchange, florescent tubes and CFL., No broken tubes or CFL
Trash Service - $3.00 per bag